We don’t need to pretend to be cool. WE ARE.
Success means to do the job like no one before. We are shaping the dreams and getting across the imagination of retail and commercial spaces all around the world.

Impossible doesn’t exist. There are only the possibilities beyond our comfort zone. The sky is the limit. We are the ENGINE. You are the ROCKET.

We do everything from the first drawing to the last bolt.

About us


We are a group of people who have gathered extensive professional experience all around the world. We focus on functional design, building and production. Every day is a chance to gain new inspiration, skills and opportunities. We love what we do and we are the proof that quality, reliability, insight and humility aren’t just hollow words.


We work with joy. We listen to your ideas, dreams and wishes. We love to work with them and fulfil them; whether there’s one or a hundred. Our perception is wide and we enjoy exploring new paths.


Satisfaction, sincerity, trust and joy.

Our work

Each building is like a living organism. It needs care and guidance to achieve the best result so that the result exceeds expectations.

We take care of the entire project. From the first measurements and initial sketch to the final technical documentation in accordance with the local building law. As we are there from the start of the final project, we are building the base for obtaining the necessary building permits. This is the key to smooth implementation. Coordination of these activities and a strict schedule enable us to implement the project in a very short time. Communication with the client is a priority. We strive to take full responsibility and provide a trouble-free service.

Our output is a solution, not a problem.

  • Project management
  • Architectual plans
  • Building permission
  • Construction
  • Electrical wiring
  • Water supply
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting (lights)
  • Shop window / shop front
  • Roller blinds
  • Security system
  • Final inspection / approval

Life means continual learning and improvement. We have successfully passed a significant number of its tests.

Loading up the van or checking-in the equipment at the airport - it’s not a big deal. Installation in the heart of Paris or on a Caribbean island? We can do it.

We value our client’s opinions and regular contact is the alfa and omega of a good relationship. Modern technology helps us to keep the client updated about the progress and the outcome.

  • Exterior
    • Light logos
    • Front windows
    • Stands
    • Signs
    • Sign-writing
    • Facades
  • Interior
    • Business spaces
    • Office spaces
    • Design paintings
    • Light logos
    • POS displays

Nothing is impossible. It’s all about the energy and time given.

We are able to handle seemingly unsolvable situations. We use the word HOW instead of the word NO.

We are living in an age which is constantly changing and we strive to keep pace with the latest developments. Every vision is fresh and bold at its beginning. Our goal and drive is to always find a new way of doing things. Experience is a great foundation, especially in manufacturing, but the true component for building is finding innovative solutions and paths. We are not afraid to say it’s complicated, expensive or time-consuming.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • LED lighting

The reflection of today’s age is a PICTURE.

Classic text is an obsolete medium and is not enough for the needs of today’s world. The message may not always be clear and is limited by the language. A picture can say everything needed quickly and efficiently: and what’s more, with added effect. We’ll help you.

We build on proven methods which we then develop and refine.


  • Idea
  • Storyboard
  • Recording
  • Post-production
  • Formatting
  • Digitization
  • Photo / Video campaigns
  • Photo / Video tours (shop tours)
  • Special effects
  • 3D visualization

Our projects

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Completed projects


Happy clients




Who we are

Vojtěch Vorlíček

Managing director

Vojtech holds the footing of the firm together. He is the type of individual who is a visionary, pushes the limits and achieves what some may see as impossible. Vojta spreads his enthusiasm and positively motivates others increasing overall performance. As a production manager, he has travelled the world and tackled more than a hundred successful projects. He spends his free time doing photography, traveling, snowboarding and adventuring. No matter what, in the end, he’s devoted to his family.


René Kubica

Project manager

René is project manager of the team. He responsibly coordinates all phases of the project. Thanks to his diligence and business spirit, he can find an innovative solution for every situation. He has extensive background in construction and experience in realization of designed interiors. He’s a biker and true traveler. Spending time in nature is as fundamental as breathing to him.


Tomáš Serwanski

Head of installation

Tom is a laid-back individual. He’s skilled and detail-oriented. That makes him a man to whom the team can fully rely on. In his free time, he’s handcrafting items, experimenting and inventing. He enjoys working with wood and other natural materials. Nature fascinates him and whenever it is possible, he goes to the mountains. In the summer he is hiking and in the winter he is carving down the mountains on snowboard.


Jirka Grussman

Graphic designer

Watching the details that live brings us. Observing the world through kaleidoscope, trying to bring something new and innovative to his work – these are just few od many features that makes Jirka a great graphic. His deep experiences in production is a great convenience when it comes to the project designing. He has a knowledge of materials, procedures, colors and the problems that may come with the final installations. His passion is capturing incredible moments through the viewfinder of any type of camera.


Jirka Kučinski

Font painter

Precise line. That is what describes Jirka the best. His sense for perfection and more than 20 years of experience with graffiti and font painting is what makes him one of the very best in the field. He has no problem to instantly sit on a plane and fly anywhere in the world to create the perfect painting, or to jump onto a lifting platform to paint the logo of your company high up. He has travelled the world and exploring new destinations is his passion.


Tomáš David

Electrician engineer & IT specialist

Whether it is ones or zeros, or maybe weak and strong current, Tomas is total master no matter the subject. He will come up with a project and find a suitable and effective solution of engineering network for either a small office or big boutique. In his free time he is spinning up the vinyls and making people happy in many bars across the country.


Adam Krhut

Construction supervisor

Peace and detached view. That defines Adam and it also makes him awesome headman of construction or installation of whatever, wherever, whenever... He dedicates his free time to his family, he enjoys surfing down the ocean waves or carving down the mountains.


...and many others

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